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Gab B
Nice and subtle

Comfortable texture, nice smell and taste, cute color but very subtle. My lips but better. I got 01 BOKSOONGA BLOSSOM

Elizabeth Duarte
Best Ever

Nice color, nice texture. Love it!


I got 09 taro and 10 rose boksoonga. I have perioral dermatitis and these products give me some irritation but not too bad. 09 and 10 are such *specific* colors with high-quality formulas that I will keep re-purchasing forever until they stop making them (please don't do that!). It gives an effective tint with very little product so the bottle will last a long time. The texture is this amaaazing, dreamy, cloud-soft matte feeling, that goes on completely even and smooth. It dries down fast and feels like nothing is on the lips, there's no product feeling. It has a matte finish but isn't drying, and works very well with my SPF lip balm as a primer. The tint is very long-lasting, however, it lasts almost forever if you put a dew tint shade on top. This seems to really cement it into place. The 10 shade is one of my favorite lip colors, a deep muted pink, it almost looks like a mid-tone plum but it seems true neutral (doesn't lean cool or warm, doesn't have orange or purple undertones). 09 taro is the perfect bright (but not harsh), light-pink lip color that I've had so much difficulty finding, and works so well when I want a more light, refreshing lip color. I have pale olive skin tone and both of these colors complement me very well. It's easy for most lip colors to appear orange on me because of my skin tone but these don't do that. I might try some other shades when I finish my dew tint products. I think these are the only products in the world with these specific shades and high quality product, and also it's not that expensive for a lip that you really love (and can ship to my country!!!), please please please never stop making them I promise I will stay for life.


It adheres very nicely to the lips, with a blurred effect and and non-drying at all.

Lynn Tang

I love Jazz! It is such a nice kind of red that is still subtle but adds a beautiful pop of color that is complementary to my tan skin tone.