AMUSE WELLNESS draws on the extraordinary lifestyle experience and delivers new vegan & wellness project that suggests daily needs beyond beauty.
  1. VEGAN - EVE VEGAN certifed Beauty curation.
  2. CLEAN FORMULA - Nature derived Clean Ingredients.
  3. HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL - Highly functional
    & effective hand cream.
    New Wellness Lifestyle & Beauty Project.
  5. DONATION - KARA is the only Korean Animal Rights Organization.
AMUSE WELLNESS empowers all people in their pursuit of happiness and well-being. We believe that wellness is our most valuable resource, and we work to create a future where it is accessible to everyone.
Here is how we are inspiring you to create new beauty routine with go-to essentials in our daily lives.
AMUSE SEOUL's new wellness lifestyle & beauty project, AMUSE WELLNESS
The first drop: Vegan Soybean Hand Cream

Vegan Soybean Hand Cream

containing ceramide from the superfood soybean leaves your hands nourished and softened.


~ Amuse ~ Wellness

$55.20 USD$69.00 USD

  AMUSE VEGAN SOYBEAN HAND CREAM Vegan Soybean Hand Cream containing ceramide from the superfood soybean leaves your hands nourished and softened.   ENERGY Green Fruity / Soybea...